4 Week Leg Training Program

4 Week Leg Training Program

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*I will be sending an in-depth questionnaire after purchase designed to understand your current state and goals*

What To Expect

  • 2-3 personalized leg workouts per week for 4 weeks (depending on volume/recovery needed)
  • Template geared to your goals/past or current injury
  • Different techniques to help target and accelerate muscle growth
  • Quad-dominant workouts/Hamstring-dominant workouts
  • Strength training and hypertrophy training to build strength and increase muscle mass

 What You'll Learn

  • How to properly split quad, glute, hamstring, and calf workouts
  • Efficient ways of training and targeting your lower body to maximize recovery for your next leg workout
  • Engaging in muscle-mind connection
  • The importance of stretching prior to every leg training session
  • Techniques to overcome pain/tightness when performing certain leg movements
  • No female/male specific style training…Training is universal and gender does not determine the style of training you will be going through. YOUR goals determine the style of training you will receive.