About Brigitte Goudz

Yes, I am only 26 years old but I have been taught at a young age how to properly train the body. Yes, it was a trial and error experience understanding and grasping new exercise techniques and understanding how my body reacted to new styles of training. As a female I want so much as to inspire other women to let go of any premature assumptions associated with weight training. Now more than ever is a time where the female division in this sport is flourishing and social media has definitely given plenty of people the power to extend an inviting hand into the mind and words of those willing to give genuine and authentic advice. I feel it my duty to provide this content with anyone willing to understand the process and importance of leading a healthy LIFESTYLE. Yes, I want to influence others to make a lifestyle out of eating right and working out on a habitual bases. I am willing to teach and inspire those seeking a change, or those who just need some guidance in the right direction. We all start somewhere and I am here to tell you that starting where you are with what you have is enough to get you onto the right path of bettering yourself! So I am giving you an invitation into my mind and knowledge and hoping you’ll take this ride with me onto a healthy, long-lasting lifestyle!